We are manufacturers' representatives for the food service industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to market ourselves and the factories we represent exclusively throughout, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Our ability to take U.S. Manufactured products and apply them in an overseas environment has allowed us to be one of the premier representatives in our industry. To see Manufacturers' List click here.
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The world of the new Millennium is a place working hard to pay for past neglect. With waste mounting, labor and hauling costs rising, overcrowded urban centers struggling to keep pace, and governmental regulation pushing many companies to the breaking point, the need for proven waste reduction systems makes perfect sense. Somat's proven waste reduction systems are innovative solutions whose time has most definitely come. Our goal is to preserve the pristine beauty of the land and water by reducing waste through advanced technology.

Today, with the world's attention focused squarely on the environment, SOMAT waste reduction systems circle the globe. Every ship in the United States Navy is equipped with one or more somat units. In addition, Somat is the waste reduction system of choice at countless public and private schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, resorts, healthcare facilities, corporate dining operations, casinos, cruise ship lines, correctional facilities, manufacturing plants, in-flight kitchens, and municipal waste treatment sites around the world. As we head into a new century with a host of ever greater challenges and opportunities awaiting, Somat remains positioned where it has always been at the forefront of the ongoing search for solutions to the world's biggest problem. Won't you join us in accomplishing this goal?

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