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Schwan's Technology Group Automated Equipment CM3 series offers the lowest lifetime operating costs based on lower water and electrical usage. Combine that with a competitive purchase price and the best warranty in the industry and you have the Lowest Lifetime Ownership Cost. Period.

AutoIQ™ Control System monitors and controls the ice machines' functions to ensure consistent ice production and reduce operating costs.

CM3 Evaporator is a hot tin-dipped, molecularly bonded plate that has been field tested and proven 99.4% reliable over 5 years.

Rust-free Polyethylene Base & Food Zone is insulated with 1-1/2" of foam which keeps water and food zone cool to reduce operating costs and is backed by a Lifetime Rust-free Warranty.

Contemporary styling and stainless steel finish make the CM3 a perfect addition to any operation.

Contour Cube Ice
The patented, crystal-clear, hard ice shape is designed specifically for foodservice applications. Cubes are individually made, so they are easier to handle.

Mixed Drinks, carbonated beverages, ice retailing, salad bars, dispensing.

The cubes nestle in the glass for high displacement, which means better quality drinks for customers and more profit for you. The unique design eliminates splashing; liquid flows over the contour shapes smoothly and easily.

Choose from a wide variety of modular ice machines or self- contained units with production capacities from 200 - 2,000 lbs, in 22", 30" and 48" widths or in compact self-contained models.


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