We are manufacturers' representatives for the food service industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to market ourselves and the factories we represent exclusively throughout, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Our ability to take U.S. Manufactured products and apply them in an overseas environment has allowed us to be one of the premier representatives in our industry. To see Manufacturers' List click here.
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Glass Tender

Glastender, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of bar equipment, commercial refrigerators, glass washers, and many other products. Glastender, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing top-of-the-line, production bar equipment. Because bar and restaurant equipment should be viewed as an investment in long-term use and profits, the material content and workmanship must be top quality to last.

Glastender, Inc. willingness to develop products to meet customer needs contributes to our constantly expanding product line. That, along with emphasis on visionary design, high value, quality manufactured products, dedicated employees, and extensive customer service before and after the sale is the root of our success. This has made us a leader and model for the food service industry.

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